Scary Granules Episode 13 – Hairy White Mexican Down

[quote]The internet… it’s hell, one day you’re posting pictures of the Wu Tang Clan cosplaying as Farrah Fawcett then the next your netbook’s shot down over Mogadishu… [err] and you’re scrambling to escape with your life.

You’re safe, you’re home, but you’re fresh out of cheetos and somebody’s posted a meme after the really clever thing you said on the forums, and now nobody’s listening to you.


Only then do you realise you’ve left a man behind, somewhere, out there, probably sat in a lot of his own poop, is a crying Mexican. And that’s just one hairy white Mexican down too many. [/quote]

Hello, welcome to Scary Granules! The Gaming/Horror Podcast of your dreams! Press 9 if you meant to dial the sex chat service instead.

Our special guest this week was going to be Phil, of Dtoid and Whitney Houston karaoke fame, but alas he died… err, has a life, which decided to get in the way.

Nonetheless we soldiered on, Glowbear, the lovely lass that she is, was able to channel Phil for the duration of the podcast, thus filling all our hearts with that beautiful Mexican goodness that only Phil can provide.

We talk a little about Resident Evil Revelations, AirLand Battle, Tactics Ogre, Ace Attorney and a few other games. We also talk TV and movies for a bit. We don’t read though, we no word good enough for that.

In the second half we discuss E3, winners and losers and a little about the unpleasant atmosphere that a lot of people feel surrounds the event.

Hope you enjoy it!

Scary Granules Episode 13 – Hairy White Mexican Down



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