Dragonball Z Taiketsu – A rubbish game

Have you ever gotten a game simply because it was part of a franchise you loved/obsessed over? Have you ever been let-down by that purchase and wondered how they could make something so dreary and slightly darken the little spot in your heart you had reserved for your favourite show?

Well if so and the said show is Dragonball Z, chances are you’re reeling from the cack-fest that is………….


Well what can I say about this game, that people who have played it don’t already know. It’s dreadful. The movement of your character is similar to that of a rock trying to make love to another rock, but without actually putting any effort into it.
The “special moves” are so awkward to pull off, that you may as well keep bashing the kick and punch button until the ultimately unsatisfying winner sign pops up.

The selection of characters is same old, same old and the only thing I can think of that borders on ‘cool’ in this game is that there’s some costume colour changes…I like playing in different colours. The animation is ok I suppose for a handheld, but because of the craptastical movement, it just doesn’t do anything to impress.
This game is not worth your time or money and if you did purchase it…well you’re either doomed to live a life of shame or have spent money on a game that can be completed in half and hour. The video tells you all you need to know!

If you see this game in a shop or your friend has it… then just walk away and never look back



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