Gamescom 2015 and a wonderful Indie Event is happening!

Scary Granules will be presenting via Glowbear at Gamescom, which is fast approaching (5-9th August). Claire will be there to primarily assist with the hosting of a massive Indie event that is being run by the wonderful German Hammer Labs crew.

The Indie Arena Booth is an open home for independent game developers from all over the world, hosted by the German indie community “Indie Arena” and will feature more than 40 games by developers all over the world!


The following are just some of the indie devs and their games that will be there:

» Jotun by Thunder Lotus Games (CAN)

» Dieselstörmers by Blackforest Games (GER)

» Cloud Chasers by Blindflug Studios (CH)

» Cosmonautica by Chasing Carrots (GER)

» Affordable Space Adventures by Knap Knok Games (DK)

» Shattered Worlds by Conceptsleutelaars (NL)


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