No Silent Hills, but hope for Kojima/Del Toro project anyway?

silent1 So according to IGN (and every other site I stumbled upon that had the story and said according to IGN) despite Silent Hills being dead there might still be hope for some sort of collaborative project between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, which is nice to hear. I mean it’s not an actual game project that they’re working on at the minute from the sounds of it… so maybe we shouldn’t get too excited, but they’re officially ‘not on a break’ or seeing other people. So they may well make a game together some time, some day! Which has been optimistic at least, and a little excited; Silent Hills looked like it was going to be really awesome but at the same time it was just the continuation of an existing franchise. I’d love to see something original come from a merger of their two minds, and if that’s either giant mecha or something incredibly scary then I’m all for it. [Source]


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