Cosmonautica Review


Platform: Steam
Price: £10.99
Release date: Now

You’re woken up on board a ship, by some sort of cheeky robotic bird called NL1 and who assigns you title of captain and informs you that we need to build a crew and start creating a fancy ship before our space trading adventures to begin. NL1 acts as your tutorial guide, alongside the Cosmoguide and you’re going to need to take a few moments to study everything and sometimes revert back but once you get the hang of each element you’ll be fast clicking and tabbing your way through the menus as your crew, ship and trading infamy grows..

Cosmonautica offers humour, colour and variety in its efforts to immerse you tino the more casual, yet still intrinsic world of the spare trader. Whereas games like Eve Online, X3: Terran require an uber serious dedication, Cosmonautica stays closer to the FTL vibe, whilst being it’s own character.

cosmocrewCustomization options are plentiful in this game, Chasing Carrots have put a lot of work into all the intricate details and options to make you feel like you’r maintaining now just a ship and crew from a basic day-to-day work and aesthetic feel but also thinking about how to conserve, balance your expenditures and trade. You can see if crew quarters have adequate sound insulation and most important free wifi. I wonder just how fast Netflix would fun up in space.
Recruiting crew members isn’t just about picking the best from a line up, some crew members may not get along and it will effect morale on the ship. Your not just the Captain, you’re the Ricki Lake HR go-to.

Finances are quite intricate for this sort of game, allowing you to tracking your income and spends, as well as the option to borrow money. It’s like real life, only on space with a talking roboparrot.

The soundtrack can be described as intergalactic groovyness. A great beat starts from the menu screen and follows through. Mechanical beeps and boops echoe throughout your ship and the yards you dock in.

The action in Cosmonautica is a peculiar story, whereby there’s not much action in terms of space combat ect. Your main job is maintenance of the ship and it’s crew. A majority of your screentime will be filled with menus. You engage in battle sporadically as you traverse the galaxy on missions that primarily serve as fetch and deliver. Travelling takes quite a long time no matter where you’re going, and even with a speedup option, it still takes forever. You can also increase the crews likelihood of getting spaceship sickness by initiating it. Combat is a bit confusing at the start, you initially see options to avoid or attack. An interesting method of eradicating the chances of being blown to smithereens by a giant space slug, is to bargain with them. Offer them some money or some porn magazines. No really space slugs are keen on those porn magazines. I found myself preferring that method just to get things over with.


Cosmonautica would be suited to a mobile device, especially with the amount of tapping and clicking required with the interfaces. Completion of missions gives you money to improve everything and everything needs improving. You’ll find yourself wanting to make as much money as possible to keep things running smoothly, finances really are the key to this game. Sandbox mode is offered to players outside of the campaign mode and does a good job of offering random games so there’s never an air of repetitiveness.

There’s plenty of humour and activity always on the screen in Cosmonautica, which helps alleviate some of the pressure to act like a serious financial and maintenance supervisor, essentially. The crew can end up hating or loving each other, your ship can evolve from a cramped junkheap to something to be proud to command and you’ll never find yourself stuck for things to do. You’re the captain of the Cosmonautica and you need to keep the galaxy happy through porn mags!


Cosmonautica is currently on Steam


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