Reveal the Deep: Review

Lazy Monday Games have brought a quiet sneaker of a game to Steam called Reveal The Deep. Though a short game, it’s one that shows dedication to creating something with a resonance.

For a simplistic style game, it is visually appealing, accompanied by a very nice array of ambient sounds, the ship you roam creaks and buckles beneath your mini thuds and the monsters that blend with the lighting effects loom hauntingly.
You take the reigns of a tiny diver man who is on-board an underwater haunted ship that is teeming with spooky creatures. But you must trek on.

Given how short this game is, there are no save options but you don’t really need them, thankfully this is not Dark Souls: Deep Sea Diving, though the option to save only once does contribute to the game’s atmosphere.

The year is 1901and for some reason you find yourself beneath on board a sunken vessel.

You are equipped with two sets of lights on your helmet.You have your standard light, and you have the ‘flashlight’ that turns any room with bulbs into a ghostly back to the past scene. You utilise this light to switch between these timelines, which leads you to discover the stories dark secrets, and why you ever decided to travel to the abyss.

There’s not much to say about this game without giving away spoilers, but for something that may not be on peoples radar, it’s an atmospheric little gem that is worth playing on a windy night, though maybe not if you happen to be on a ferry.

Score – 4/5

Reveal the Deep is available on Steam now for £0.52p


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