The Tape: Review

The Tape seems to fall into a pit alongside other games of it’s type, those being indie horrors stemming from one idea and rarely fleshed out in terms of execution any different from the other games that are available in the Steam horror section. While it is all well and good to take inspiration from other games and try to run alongside that now possibly stale genre of Slenderman style video games, a completely new twist is required to stand out. What The Tape brings to us is a game that does try to fit into the slender genre (it seems like it deserves its own title by now) but it executed with an impressive atmospheric art style. In fact despite nothing incredibly wowing occurring in terms of game play, the presentation of The Tapes cannot be faulted.

The Tape does try to veer away from a protagonist who is barely out of teenhood and didn’t just stumble into this world. You play as a detective who discovers a peculiar VHS tape which holds clues to the whereabouts of a girl who has gone missing. While they are two completely different games, I would recommend Blues and Bullets if you want to play as a detective searching for missing children, amidst bloody creepy cults. But that’s a major digress.

All credit goes to the actual VHS footage, which is done in an incredibly creepy style, evocative of some Slenderman videos on Youtube as well as reminding us of a very disturbing found footage film called the Poughkeepsie Tapes.

This game has a lot of good foundations, creepy ones at that to evolve from. If more emphasis to interaction and the fleshing out of the story was paired with the already superb art style and execution of VHS footage, then we’d have a more memorable game. Hopefully after noting various feedback the creator of the game Kazakov Oleg, will be able to make more games that more people will come across and enjoy playing. Some technical issues occurred during our play through but they could be fixed easily.

The game is by no means terrible, but when there’s a conveyor belt of similar games being hashed by Steam, it’s hard for a game to stand out. Nevertheless this game is short, clocking in at just under an hour and that may be another contributing factor to why it’s flown under the radar. It’s quite cheap at the moment, as this review goes up it is E2.76 euros on the Steam Winter Sale


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