The Walking Dead: Michonne – Review

Platform: Everything! PS4, PS3, Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iPhone, PC
Price: £10.99 Steam
Release date: Now

The Walking: Dead Michonne is a three part episodic game that differs in no way from the formula that previous Telltale WD games and other adaptions run. This game hones in  on Michonne’s history and the strife and horrors she encounters.

The first episode is entitled, In Too Deep, and does not allow players any breathing time before it kicks off the action. Michonne is such an interesting character, who truly exemplifies strength and survival without having to pander to tropes. Her character has been faithfully cast and scripted throughout the series and actress Samira Wiley gives it her all in her video game counterpart, but it would have been great to have Michonne’s actress partake. While it is great to have a game that focuses on a well loved character, this was a perfect slot for Telltale to take a couple of risks in hopes of changing up the dynamics of how these story games are played out. In terms of linearity Michonne does not wander off any beaten bloody paths.

The story is set during that period where she left Rick and the gang (in the comics), and try to gain some clarity for herself. She joins a boat crew led by another survivor Pete and the crew are on the look out for other survivors that may need help. They receive a distress signal which leads the and the boat to get stuck and from there our heroine and Pete go on foot in search of the person responsible for the distress call, but obviously things don’t go so well.

While there’s absolutely nothing new to report of in terms of consequences of dialogue, actions or game play, the story is well written and the dialogue you can chose from is varied and executed superbly by the voice actors. As with Telltale games, each episode has some twist or build up of tension, which lends to the desire to keep on playing.

The asking price currently for this of £10.99 is fair enough, but we’d recommend perhaps waiting until it goes down, unless you’re a die hard Michonne fan and have been hankering for a TWD TellTale game featuring a tv show character in a more prominent setting. Then again 400 DLC was a veritable hit or miss and yet was still worth the asking price.  If you want something to fill your time or sate your Walking Dead appetite (better a game than flesh amirite?) then Michonee is a well crafted entry in this series, but one that really should try to give a new breath into Telltales formula.


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