Review: Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

Platforms:  Steam

Currently on 20% sale over at Steam – £5.59

Sometimes a game can grab your attention by something very slight, such as one screenshot you happened upon or an intriguing title. Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor certainly grabs a glance with the latter.

The game is described as an anti-adventure, a melancholic look at the life of a Janitor with speckles of bittersweet beauty and hope strewn in a non obstructive manner via the games story, visuals and soundtrack. It encapsulates how we’d expect the life of such a worker to be but this game does not traverse or end in the same manner as Actual Sunlight.


Each day morning you and your hovering your buddy whom you seem to have a love hate relationship with, rise and gaze at the world around you silently. Your livelihood is dependent on collecting trash, not much of a shock. The gameplay element is based primarily on this and this is how you gain credits, pittance really and they must be used to get by each day. This isn’t a game where you find an abundance of  stereotypical loot which can used in trivial ways, there’s no power up boost or quirky armor to increase your stats. But there is intriguing items to be bought with the fruits of your trash collection and explore the naughty crevices of the world. It all sounds quite bleak on paper, but the style used in this game, saves it from being a morbid gaming experience. In fact this is a beautiful game, you should probably try.

Management is an important skill to have, ensuring you’re fed and the other essentials, plus the ability to save up to change your gender. Enemies are not traditional, you’ll have uninvited bullying guards come and munch on some of your earnings and you have to just take it. It’s a punishing world, for a spaceport janitor.

As you keep playing this game, the complexities of what is offered to you are revealed. Ever thought you would have to eat the eye of a supernatural being to enter a sewer?Here’s your chance.


Tonality as we mentioned, is important to not fall into a pit of despair when playing this game. There is a lot of humor throughout and the sci-fi punk feel aesthetics are all over.The graphics completely contrast the story and mood and while it would be easy to design this in the same style as say Gemini Rue, this works superbly. Splendorous 3D world loaded with 2d characters.


TinyBuild have created something unique and special here. It’s a testament to how games can reach us on many levels and while it can trigger emotions in us that are related to negativity, through good story and design, we can smile through it and see the good.

This game is wondrous, deep and emotive. It’s colorful, it’s innocent and it’s disturbing. It’s also a game that seems to have flown under the radar, but we’re grateful for having found it.


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