EGX 2016 Round Up Review

It seems like time has flown by since the last Eurogamer expo up in the lovely land of Brums. Not the car, but imagine a town full of just goggly eyed Brums.

This year EGX had a plethora of amazing indie games, including games that have previously been spotted on the floor, but with each showcase there’s always improvements and the point of conventions, amongst having a good time and being offered free energy drinks that melt your organs, is for game developers to test their creations and gauge feedback from the crowd and reviews. Shockingly and finally, Prison Architect was not there this year. We wish the team all the best but it seems like every UK gaming convention for the past 3/4 years, they’ve been their testing the same game. Hopefully they’re working on something new and awesome.

Image result for egx 2016

EGX also had more focus on Esports this year, which will no doubt increase as time goes on, much as the popularity and commerical financial success of Esports as a whole. Infinity hosted a tournament that had quite a good turn out. A £50k first place prize went to Team Envy and we know we’re envying them (how many other outlets have made that same joke?)

Image result for csgo

The social after party side of things for EGX has significantly died down in the past couple of years. Sticktwiddlers no longer do their hugely successfully after party, where proceeds go to charities such as Special Effects but if you have a will and a way you can chat to people and maybe make weekend long drinking buddies.

In terms of games we played, some of our favorites were:

Image result for a light in the chorus

Image result for the bunker game

thumb image

We’ll have in-depth reviews of these games coming up (The Bunker was particularly interesting) and we’ll also be highlighting some more Esport related news in general.

So all in all EGX 2016 was much the same as previous years, only this time they’re incorporating sports into the fold more prominently and we had a host of new, fresh and very innovative indie games. Of course there’s always a handful of AAA games on the floor and of course the queues for those are quite sturdy but on a whole the best interaction in terms of gaming and getting to speak to the people behind the games comes from the indie side and so far between EGX and Rezzed, both are great grounds for them.



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