Gears of War 4: Review

Gears of War is still one of the most enjoyable third-person shooter on the market and 4 slots in nicely, continuing that trend. It feels like a lot hinges on this game carrying over what worked well and having the burden of evolution for the new, now current, console generation. Set 25 years after Gears of War 3, you play the son of Marcus Fenix, a rather bland name to add to the Fenix line, J.D. And Yes Marcus does make an appearance, sporting a silver bad daddy look.


Single player campaign, clocks in at about 10 hours. The story has quite a few slow sections, which can be a relief as well as an annoyance in a fast paced shooter. Cover based shooting, is the bread and butter of this game and knowing that people play these games for the insane combat and utter war like onslaught is not lost on Coalition, who’ve taken the reigns with this entry. You’ll be rescuing a few people amidst a bombardment of bullets, flesh and angry monster screams. Sadly you’ll also be encountering quite uninteresting fights with robots. Yes Gears of War 4 has decided to mix up the visceral curb stomps of Locust brains with metal crunches.

The addition of a new team of characters is welcomed, but none of them have much substance and will unlikely rival any favorites from the first trilogy. Whereas the former crew had their own personalities and eccentricities, 4 has a more generic, stamped out squad. If future games are coming, which is a stupid thing to question, of course they are, a bit more effort to flesh out characters would keep players interested and invested for longer.


A roster of new weapons keep things just fresh enough, despite the game being toe-for-toe similar to previous entries. Special kills are as satisfying as ever.

Graphics are polished and slick, sound and score is staple and atmospheric whilst not being as memorable as the original and voice acting can’t be faulted.

This game doesn’t offer anything new, if you enjoy Gears as a series or the style of game-play, then this game should satisfy you. If you’re looking for a sequel or extension to the story to be rife with new mechanics and a story that revitalizes things, this won’t be found in Gears of War 4. The game is fun to play and no doubt people will find more longevity in the multiplayer, especially hardcore fans of the previous maps and game-play options.

Apart from a lackluster story, some dodgy enemies and somewhat mundane characters, Coalition has done no wrong with this game. But if another game is coming out, then they need to step up and take a few risks.


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