Scary Review: Shadow Warrior 2 (Single Player)

How many dick jokes are too many dick jokes? This is a question that Shadow Warrior 2 never asked itself and maybe it should have.

Set 5 years after the events of 1, Shadow Warrior 2 is more or less the same game as its predecessor, albeit one that aims to include “open world” into it’s genre, alongside the obvious first person shooter mantle. Story-wise, we find ourselves playing, once again and why not, as Lo Wang as he slices and dices his way through humans and demons after a mission gone wrong that has him crossing paths with a scientist, a controversial cult leader, and a monstrous new drug known as Shade.

If you’re easily tickled by repetitively crash dialogue then you’ll need a change of pants when playing this game, but the humour does wear or pretty fast. Your character never shuts up, which might be comforting if you played this on a cold night, alone, but it can also be a bit grating given that what he has to say is prepubescently (we made that up) annoying most of the time. Though now and again the bizarre charisma of Lo Wang shines through.

Combat in the game is pretty fast paste and is reminiscence of clips you’d see from online Overwatch matches played eSport teams. Weapon and character skill customization is quite extensive, which is a pleasant surprise for a game that’s comical substance is lacking. Shooter games should excel in their weapon offerings and there’s plenty of fun to be had with the murder roster of Shadow Warrior 2.

It’s hard to tell if the personal customization elements are a winner in this game and looting stills feels a little bit ridiculous to have to do, almost slowing down the pace.
Graphics are incredibly vibrant and detailed to the point of satisfaction though there’s no extreme progression from how the first game looked. It does look more polished and glossy though. Humans always looks a little bit worse for wear than the monsters in this game, which must be insulting for the character models.

Where this game succeeds is that it ticks off the basic needs someone might want from a first person shooter and that’s – plenty of guns, plenty of enemies, some rude words, titty shaking female villains and fast paced action with ludicrous nonsense. Shadow Warriors 2 ticks that off, but it doesn’t add anything new to the genre or worse to itself. As it stands, if you want a first person shooter to get stuck into and just have fun, this game can be recommended, but perhaps wait until the price drops or get it as part of a Shadow Warriors bundle that will inevitably happen on Steam at some point.


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