Review: Neon Struct – Die Augen der Welt

Neon Struct, is unashamedly a minimalist game, but one that uses simple mechanics fused with it’s bare bones graphics to execute a stealth homage game, in intriguing ways. You play Jillian, an ex-spy on the run, framed for treason and hunted by the agency you use to work for. You must stick to the shadows and find a way to clear your name.


Stealth games should offer you variety. It shouldn’t be about following a straight line from A to B with no options of how to do so. Appearances can be deceptive and though this is not a AAA masterpiece, it does not lack in it’s attempts at executing stealth game play.

Game-play wise, you can knock people out, hide bodies, pick locks, disable cameras and other standard stealth game fare. Given the graphics of the game it’s somehow surprising, but in a good way, that you have a decent array of tools and gadgets at your disposal. It seems like there are definite homages to games like Thief, as well as System Shock, albeit with less threatening enemies. Taking them out is never a real concern, which might make this game too easy for people who prefer a grittier more tense stealth game experience.

Level design is not repetitive, with multiple access points and areas of interest to explore. That said the levels are quite small and it seems like from a technology point of view, there should be no problem with expanding maps in certain areas.


Musically uses the 80’s vibe quite well, though sometimes you forget the soundtrack is there due to the quietness of the stealth sections.missions are deadly quiet.


Neon Struct doesn’t offer the most bleak outlook on the world it’s set in but it has it’s own story occurring and for those that find stealth games a bit too tricky or time consuming, but want to feel like a spy thwarting the corrupt, this game is fine for that. But as it stands it has the bare bones of being something more unique, it just needs a lot more polishing.
This game is currently available on Steam and at the time of this review going up it’s $14.65



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