Review: Krampus

Given how close Halloween to Christmas, there’s a mix feeling when it comes to playing a game more geared to one theme, while being heavily laced with the other seasons. Krampus is a horror game, released close to Halloween with the theme of Christmas horror lore.


There’s not terribly much that can be said about this game, which has just come out on Steam. You control an unseen teenager, who along with his family went to a country house to celebrate Christmas and gets attacked by a monster that looks like Santa crossed with goat vines crossed with meth. Lots of meth.

The game is a puzzle based that aesthetically takes it’s cues from the likes of Amnesia. We experienced a few crashes whilst playing but not as many as others who have complained of it being to a game breaking state. The premise of game play is hunting for keys, using them to open doors and awaiting impending jump scares, some you see coming and others that do a good job of giving you a startle. It’s a simple enough fair, not insulting to the senses, nothing too riveting to keep you gripped or replay. We’d recommend watching the film of the same name.


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