Gamerbake Halloween Special

We’re not expert bakers here at Scary Granules. We get by, we get by. In the lead up to the event we practice making some Pokémon themed cupcakes and then realised that it’s easier to pretend they’re purposely monstrous because Halloween is coming up than to act like they were meant to be anything else.Capture.PNG

As for our actual supply for Gamerbake, which was given a ‘dark depths of the sea’ theme, we decided to increase nightmare fuel by 1000% with our Sega Seaman cupcakes! Watching people who came for the greater good of buying cakes for charity, slide that little man-faced fish into their mouths was pretty guilt inducing, but what’s done is done!

As always the turn out was great and the Gamerbake team did a superb job. Many thanks to the judges and Failbetter Games squad.

If you couldn’t attend the event, never fear because you can still, at anytime day or night, donate or spread the word about great charities like Special Effect and GamesAid.

Sunless Sea is available on steam and we’ll be putting up a review this week, so keep your sugary eye lids peeled.

You can find us on capturecapture  capture capture


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