Scary Presence: MCM Expo 2016

It’s the end of October and London, so you know what that means – MCM Expo, London Comic Con. We forget when they made the title longer. But the event is still the same as it’s been for the past few years, fully booked, full of amazing cosplay and full of, sadly, a lot of the same old, same old.

But the crowds and atmosphere more than make up for what’s lacking in wowing content. The independently run stores offering tasty cool nibbles and funky merchandise (albeit at times far too overpriced, but what do you expect) at least offer people something fun to ogle at and take home.

Special guests included Whedon fan favourite Enver Gjokaj, Violett Beane who’s not appearing as Jessie Quick in the Flash and the wonderful, versatile, gaming voice actor king, Nolan North! The convention wraps up on the 30th, which is this Sunday, so if you can grab a ticket it’s worth popping down for the day.


You can find us on capturecapture  capture capture


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