Gaming Hangout Review: Respawn Bar, Austria

When in Vienna and needing a strudel and a drink and maybe to play some games with a local crowd, one finds oneself sliding like a smooth cucumber into Barcraft. But while Barcraft is a well known event organised community focused crowd, in terms of a fixed venue, Vienna offers us mainly and currently, only – Respawn Bar


While the community is strong, the awareness of the dedication and desire to evolve higher in the ranks is contained to the country itself. It’s a catch-22 situation, where in order to get recognised and further yourself and your team, awareness and sponsorship is needed but to improve in those areas you need funding. It’s not the easiest feat to maintain your skills, alongside your day to day job and also be able to brunt through to a more professional level. That doesn’t stop the community from trying and it certainly doesn’t damper the passion from those we’ve met, from different sectors of the gaming environment in Austria.


One such place where people can gather together is, as mentioned, Respawn Bar, in Vienna. We have to start of by saying – that the bar food was so fricking tasty. A gaming bar that has an array of well made cocktails and also serves food, but good food. That’s a default winner right there.

The bar was founded and run by the lovely Patrick Tondl who not only keeps his patrons happy via noms, drinks and areas to watch and play, but also organises events for the community. It’s a very welcoming place to enter and one that deserves a lot of applause for how well it’s doing and what it offers gaming fans.


Here’s a trailer for the Bar!


Stay tuned for our next post on the Austrian Gaming scene!










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