Leaked RE7 footage something quite interesting about herbs

And I apologise for the super click-baity title there, but I didn’t want to reveal anything before hitting the Spoiler Zone because this seems super massive.



Oh, and it’s in German:

I’m honestly a little shocked, but intrigued as well. It does seem a bit absurd that he can lose a leg, pick it up and then just ‘glue’ that fucker back on with some herb juice but then a lot about this game has surprised me. I’m sort of getting the same sort of weird feeling of jumbled elements that I had when I first saw RE4, and somehow it all clicked together and made the game work perfectly. 7 feels like it might be a bit like that, only pulling the franchise back in the other direction, back towards survival horror.

We’ll see I guess.

Comments on translation for what they’re actually saying in the video would be appreciated too.


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