Review: Interkosmos

Ovid Works thought to themselves – what if we made a game where you play in a first person view, an astronaut who is having more than a difficult time, the kind of hurdling to earth at death speed time” and incorporate VR to make you really suck up that exhilaration.  That’s the bare bones of what Interkosmos is and it’s a fun ride, even with the whole potential death thing.

You take control of a top secret 1970’s Soviet space capsule, called Zvezda, that’s mission is to successfully and hopefully safely, re-enter earths atmosphere. You will have to become familiar with all the buttons and dials and technical controls of the vessel, which the game helps you out via a very detailed tutorial that covers every nook and cranny of the space capsule. There’s more to remember than you might think, but it’s not too daunting and after a while you’ll feel as close to a real live soviet astronaut as possible.


Game-play is a fair mix of being initially challenging but extremely fun if you choose to stick with it. This game offers a great deal of satisfaction to people that enjoys simulators that make you feel as if you’re really commanding something that takes people years of experience and training to master. No this game will not end with you actually being certified to fly about in space, we’re sorry to say but nevertheless, there are very fulfilling moments throughout.

There is a story in Interkosmos, one laced with humour and character, not least of all that it’s about how you’re trapped is a death can in space. The chatter with ground control is really enjoyable and helps reduce any feelings of isolation, unlike the film Gravity which just made us feel lonely. Humour is a treat in this game.


Graphics in Interkosmos, have a fun feel to them, while also displaying  basic technical designs that would be believable in real life. As mentioned, there’s a level of immersion in this game that is a real pull and that is backed up with the wonderful sound design The static in your radio feed with HQs on the ground to the realistic hissing of leaks and metallic bangs of clunky levers on your claustrophobic dashboard.


This is one of the best games to try with VR, in fact it might be one of the best we’ve tried so far. Currently the game is going for £3.99 on Steam which is a ridiculous bargain for such an enjoyable experience. Though technically it is a short game, getting to grips with everything can add worthwhile time and it boasts a lot of replayability and in a way, exploration in terms of options and wanting to see what happens if you choose the wrong button.


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