E3 Day 1 and Two

All the big names were there again this year at E3, including a bizarrely endearing Devolver presentation but what were the big points to take away from the event so far? Read on!

The first day focus was primarily on Need for Speed Payback with some breathtaking visuals and slightly cringy commentary.

Fifa 18 and Madden showed up again, though the ScaryG crew aren’t big sport game fans, the games are very popular with Fifa alone being very popular with content creators.

Then Battlefront II and Janina Gavankar took control wearing a really cool Star Wars dress! Gavankar ran the presentation for Battlefront II and will also be voicing Inferno Squad Commander Iden Versio. Very cool to hear that Battlefront II will have a single player campaign.

New IP game always get us excited we got one with a trailer for a split-screen focused game called A Way Out, by Swedish developers Hazelight.

Bioware‘s new IP, Anthem was announced but very briefly. They held off until the 2nd day which we can roll into now!

So Day 2…

Microsoft took to the stage and hit the ball running with their official announcement of the new Xbox, which isn’t any different from the current one so don’t worry that it’s a must have to be able to enjoy the new games that were announced. The first bubble burst was that it will not be called Scorpio, the title is a rather awkward Xbox One X which makes us wonder if in 5 years time, Xbox will run out of space using up the same letters on their marketing materials. Details announced were it:

  • will run 4k
  • will retail for $499
  • release worldwide on November 7, 2017

The rest of show had so many camels in it, we’re not even joking. Forza 7, Assassins Creed Origins and Minecraft all had one pop up!


No real shock that Assassins’s Creed would be shown and confirmed as set in Egypt. While is looks nice on the eyes, we’ve yet to see a major difference from previous Assassin Creed titles, but the ability to slide down pyramids looks fun!

Terry Crews saved the curse of the dull presenters at E3 when he featured in a crazy action packed, very Terry Crews-like brief trailer for Crackdown 3, which added some liveliness to the show.


With every game that came on the screen, a repeated booming voice echoed EXCLUSIVE to remind you that Xbox still want you to know they’re worth first purchase over PS4 (totally depends on what games you’re interested in of course) and included Life is Strange 2 and Sea of Thieves, which went down well with the crowds. The latter especially given that the Scottish narrator really added to the charm of this pirate based MMORPG. We saw Left For Dead 3, sorry State if Decay 2 and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

Metro Exodus was a surprise and it’s one of our favourite FPS’s and story!

A new Dragonball Z game is coming out and the cell shaded visuals look very nice!



The second day came to a close with Bethesda who played it safe. Skyrim and Fallout 4 will be getting a Creation Club for new content and mods, though there’s some controversy  at the moment about them being charged.


Expansions and DLC were mentioned for Elder Scroll games and Dishonored 2 (we’re not sure if it’s worth mentioning DLC at such big events but we won’t judge too hard). Evil Within is getting a sequel, as is Wolfenstein which we’re especially excited about!

It felt like we had entered the world of Alan Wake, when Devolver’s presentation happened. Their aim wasn’t about their games so much as their belief in what these sort of gaming conferences are all about. It was well produced and amusing but it did effect our dreams. Devolver didn’t need to have a generic presentation with generic buzz phrases to reel an audience in, what they did was endear and amuse and stick with people and that’s going to do wonders for whatever game they bring out.


So lets see what else E3 will throw at us and hopefully some extra cool surprises along the way!


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