Preview: Veritas

Sure Veritas is a game, but whether that description is adequate in it’s most basic form to describe the game, we don’t know. Because while Veritas looks to be a point and click adventure with a spooky story to unravels as you progress it’s also a world not contained to the code you download to play it.

We got a press release from Glitch Games and unlike many we receive that simply give details, some screenshots and a key for the game, in whatever state, this time we’re offered something more. It’s a beacon, a warning, that something nefarious is afoot and if we are sure we want to play the game, that without elation, Veritas will be released unto us. To be honest, the PR for this game is what titillates the most and it’s a testament to the developers and marketing team wanting to offer something more than just a standard adventure game, but offer some fun outside of the clicking.


As for the game itself, it is currently in Alpha, with a release scheduled for the end of 2018. Ideally the game would be released around about Halloween time, as the themes of mystery, possible paranormal wrong doing and conspiracies that reach to the outside world, would tie in very well for a weekend of spooky ARG style immersion. What do we mean by the game expanding globally? Well have you heard of Veritas Industries? Neither have we, but Glitch Games have created a massive, in depth company and accompanying documentation around a business that seems to have mankind’s healthiest intentions in mind, but the juxtaposition of the true state of Veritas, found within the game itself, shows that something isn’t quite right and Veritas Industries is definitely hiding something. What exactly does it mean when it says “Using Science To Do The Unthinkable

The mechanics of this game are fairly simply, be that on mobile or desktop. Point n click is the way and you’ll have to solve a series of puzzles as you weave your way through the corridors, basements and quarantined subsections of this grim location. While graphics are standard fare for this sort of title, they do display quite well across platforms and the lightning isn’t obnoxious. Narrative is handled by text dialogue and odd creepy noises in the background. There’s a mix of dark humour and genuine concern, in your characters words, as they try to figure out what is going on.

Veritas is Watching

We will have to wait until the game is complete in order to give a full review, but for now we like what we’ve seen with Veritas and we’re impressed with the effort Glitch Games have gone to, to build something that cloaks and pumps into the game and we ask, what is truth?


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