Disclaimer, Ethics and Ethos

Who we are and our ethics

Scary Granules is currently a non-profit organisation, founded by Glowbear and Panzadolphin to initially review horror games and discuss the gaming and horror genre in general. But we are not limited to one area and we cover all gaming news, reviews and non-gaming commentary. We do this out of genuine love for our hobbies and want to share that with as many people as possible.

We value transparency in all our communications with readers, members of the   press and gaming   industry.

At the current time our content is split into various mediums: Youtube Channel, Website, Social Media and Podcasting. We are also very active members of gaming communities and host various gaming and film events which are great fun and open to everyone.

We will accept no financial offers to review games. If such a time arises whereby changes occur, we will make a very public and clear disclaimer which will be included at the beginning of every article to ensure that readers are aware of our value of transparency from the get go.

Being a non-profit organisation, it means that those that write for this site and those that run it do this for the joy of spreading gaming news and sharing their passion and hobby with you and anyone else who may find it interesting. We take no pay for this.

The contribution to a Patreon ect is purely optional and no one will receive special treatment for donating or not. The Patreon’s primary function will be to help maintain the site and our endeavours to create content that people will enjoy.

The ethos behind Scary Granules as a content creation team is to let our writers and contributor have freedom in terms of style and personality that is woven into their editorials and reviews. We believe that people from either side of the pond are not that overwhelmed or bothered by the words with variant spelling such as “color” and “colour”. These issues mean that we do not hold to one format in terms of language used in written pieces. English won’t be Americanised to befit an audience or vice versa. Such elements of reviews hold no importance. What is important is the quality and passion behind articles and a fair, unbridled analysis of games which are reviewed.

Being a part of the Scary Team

  •  As a continued contributor to the Scary Granules team, we can offer to support and promote you as much as possible. We will constantly give you credit where it is due and spread your articles and online profiles. You will have the chance to receive review copies which can be kept by yourself, after the review has been submitted.

We promise to critique creatively and in a positive manner and to not edit material based on how we perceive a certain tone should be, because that conflicts with our desire to have this be a space where people can write honestly and without suppressing their style of humour ect.If content does indeed conflict with general standards or is likely to be highly offensive we will make suggestions accordingly, but will always inform you and begin a dialogue to come to a mutual and hopefully happy conclusion.

If press events occur near the location of our writers we will try to get them access.


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